Psycho Girlfriend Call Me Maybe Parody

Psycho girlfriend Laina… (she’s earned that tag on our site) is back to express her love for you through music. This time Laina (also known as Overly Attached Girlfriend) is watching you through your Web cam whe

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Psycho Girlfriend Parodies Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend Song

Sometimes being in a relationship can be scary; especially if you have a psycho girlfriend (or boyfriend). The following video is a parody/spoof of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend song, but done from the eyes of a g…

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Buffalo vs. Lions vs. Crocodiles – Battle at Kruger

This is one of the most amazing and incredible videos you will ever see. It has all the drama of a top animal documentary, but the scenes aren’t staged and the story isn’t scripted. The official name of thi…

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Frog Sits on Bench Like a Human

This is one of the more strange/weird videos you’ll see. It is of a frog sitting on a bench like a human and the video has become so popular that in less than two weeks it has nearly 9 million views. Who would have eve…

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Titanic 3D – Exclusive New Footage!

Titanic is the most successful film of all time, prompting James Cameron to prepare a very special “Super 3D” version of the movie for release in theaters (in order to financially capitalize on the 100 y…

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Kimbra Gotye Music Video – Somebody that I used to Know

On April 14, 2012, Gotye appeared on Saturday night live and as a result, views of their music video on YouTube, “Somebody that I used to Know” went through the roof. The video features Gotye and musical a…

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Hidden Camera Video – Pressing Red Button

Hidden camera pranks are fun to watch. Some, however, can get pretty elaborate. Take the hidden camera prank here which was done by TNT. They wanted to promote the launch of their network in Belgium so they came up with…

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Get All YouTube Videos on DVD!

(April 3, 2012) Yesterday we posted our favorite April Fools video which was the new Honda Anti-Theft Device…. Today we want to share our second favorite which already has 2.5 million views. The video is called “

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Amazing Honda Anti-Theft System

(April 2, 2012) There were a lot of great April Fools videos yesterday, including many by Google. But we found one that we thought was the best of all of them – Honda’s new anti-theft system. As you know, th…

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