Fire Tornado Video Footage

(Fire Tornado Videos) A fire tornado is a rare site where certain conditions, at a time of a large fire, create a funnel cloud of fire. Recently a fire tornado was filmed in Brazil. We have the raw footage for you in the first video below from Russian Today (no audio since the footage is raw). Brazil is currently fighting some major wildfires as a result of a drought, high winds, and highly flammable environmental conditions.

The Brazil fire tornado isn’t the first caught on tape, but catching a real fire tornado on tape is extremely rare. We’ve posted a second video below that shows another fire tornado, this one is an amateur video during a fire in Yucaipa. ┬áThe third video shows a self-created fire tornado in a controlled experiment. The fourth video is of Steve Sprangler demonstrating a fire tornado.

Video #1 – Brazil Fire Tornado

Video #2 – Yucaipa Fire Tornado

Video #3 – Controlled Indoor Fire Tornado

Video #4 – Steve Sprangler Science Guy Creates Fire Tornado


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