Buffalo vs. Lions vs. Crocodiles – Battle at Kruger

This is one of the most amazing and incredible videos you will ever see. It has all the drama of a top animal documentary, but the scenes aren't staged and the story isn't scripted. The official name of this video is "Battle at Kruger". The video was filmed in 2007 at Kruger National Park in South … [Read more...]

People Flying in New York – Video!

Can you imagine walking along the streets of New York and someone points up and says, "look in the sky. It's a bird! No, a plane! No, three flying people!!". That's exactly what happened earlier this year when some men build three remote controlled "people" and had them take flight over the river … [Read more...]

Car Leaves Fire Tire Treads on Road

In the movie Back to the Future, when the Delorean reaches 88 miles per hour, it disappears leaving only tire treads of fire on the roadway. Is it possible to reproduce that in real life? Apparently so. In this video, a car revs its back tires so hard and fast that when it takes off, it leaves a … [Read more...]

Radio Voice Saves Homeless Man (The Story of Ted Williams)

When a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch spotted a homeless guy (named Ted Williams) on the side of the road, he noticed something different. The sign. It said: "I have the God-given gift of voice. I'm an ex radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please. Any help will be gratefully … [Read more...]

Sonic Restaurant Swallowed by Sinkhole

(Sinkhole Videos) We have a couple of sinkhole videos for you below. The first video is a sinkhole that swallowed up a Sonic Fast Food Restaurant in Georgia just a few days ago. The Sonic manager used her cell phone to record part of the restaurant collapsing into the sinkhole. The video story is by … [Read more...]

Fire Tornado Video Footage

(Fire Tornado Videos) A fire tornado is a rare site where certain conditions, at a time of a large fire, create a funnel cloud of fire. Recently a fire tornado was filmed in Brazil. We have the raw footage for you in the first video below from Russian Today (no audio since the footage is raw). … [Read more...]

World’s Largest Skateboard Crashes

(Amazing Videos) Youtubers love videos like the one below. Anything that is odd or unique and fun to watch is bound to become a hit. ┬áSo this team got together and built the world's largest skateboard. And it is huge! It's so big that 11 people took a ride on it at the same time and there was room … [Read more...]