Frog Sits on Bench Like a Human

This is one of the more strange/weird videos you'll see. It is of a frog sitting on a bench like a human and the video has become so popular that in less than two weeks it has nearly 9 million views. Who would have ever though that a sitting frog would garnish so much attention and fame? The … [Read more...]

Girl Makes Her Eyebrows Dance

A girl from Australia has an unusual talent that is getting a lot of attention. She can make her eyebrows "dance" to music and can move them, independent of each other, in lots of different directions. When we first viewed this video, we thought it was fake. We thought the video was being … [Read more...]

Bass From Speakers Cause Indoor Earthquake

In this video, which has more than 1 million views in a week, a guy shows off his 2000 watt rms speaker system. This thing is gonna have some nice powerful bass to it. So much, that it's probably a good idea not to leave anything valuable near the speakers. Who knows what my happen. Oh... the camera … [Read more...]

Cows, Cows, and More Cows Video

(Weird Videos) Sometimes the weirdest videos on YouTube gather quite the following. The more weird the video the more viral it becomes. It's a phenomenon that I fail to fully understand. Take, for example, the below video. The video is titled "Cows & Cows & Cows". It is a bunch … [Read more...]