Psycho Girlfriend Call Me Maybe Parody

Psycho girlfriend Laina (she’s earned that tag on our site) is back to express her love for you through music. This time Laina (also known as Overly Attached Girlfriend) is watching you through your Web cam when you don’t know it and she knows who you are with, what you do when you sleep, and even how many sheep you’ve counted in your dreams. Scary. But she’s just dedicated and passionate. There’s no harm in that, is there?

Here are the opening lyrics to her new Call Me Maybe parody:

I’ve learned your life pretty well,
You’re down to earth I can tell,
You say I don’t ring a bell,
I love the way you play.
I know you know who I am,
I saw you through your Web cam,
You say you don’t give a damn,
But wait a minute, you may…

She’s looking out for you, baby. Because she cares. A lot. A whole lot. Can’t you see it in her eyes? She already made that Girlfriend video for you and now here’s her next video expressing her love for you and it already has 18 million views as of this writing…

Psycho Girlfriend Call Me Maybe Parody

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Laina… Call Me…


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