Real Life Jason – Friday the 13th

(Scary & Funny Videos) Imagine that you are walking through a Home Depot or Lowes and as you round the corner, a man is approaching you with a hockey mask covering his face and a chainsaw in hand. Is it Jason from Friday the 13th? Nope. In this case it is Remi (click on the Tag Remi for more of his videos) who likes to pull pranks like this and film them. In this case he even got a hold of store survellaince footage of the prank. He begins by walking into a store, with a hockey mask covering his face, and going straight to the section containing chainsaws. He grabs one and removes the protective cover from the blade.  He then walks around the store as a camera captures peoples reaction. The video has more than 4.4 million views on YouTube. Here’s the video – Remi as Jason from Friday the 13th…


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