Blind Dog Living in Trash Gets New Lease on Life

I don’t know about you, but I love animals. I foster kittens and help find them new homes, have a couple of cats myself, along with two dogs. So when I hear about an abused or hurt animal, it breaks my heart. This video is the story of a small dog, named Fiona, that was found blind and living in trash in an abandoned area. The dog had thousands of flees on it and no hope of living much longer.  A caring dog group was tipped off to the dog and they came to rescue it. The story goes from one of sadness and desperation to one of hope and inspiration. This is a video that definitely deserves to be passed along and shared. BTW, for the title I was tempted to go with “Blind Dog Living in Trash Gets New Leash on Life”. (Leash vs Lease). Here is Fiona…

Blind Dog Living in Trash Gets New Lease on Life

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  1. I cried thru this whole clip …..feelings of sadness and omg when he could see for the first time… guys are beautiful people ….thanks for sharing this video

  2. I also cried through this amazing video , my husky even noticed I was sad and put his head in my lap , yes you all are a god sent . THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE !!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same ….

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