Ted Williams Voice on Commercial Airing Sunday!

The first TV Commercial to star Ted Williams (the homeless man with a golden radio voice) is airing this Sunday on ESPN at 9pm EST / 6pm PST during the KRAFT Fight Hunger Bowl football game. The spot is for Kraft Macaronni and Cheese. Ted Williams recorded a couple of lines for the spot late this week. We have video footage of the recording session…

Ted Williams was discovered by 47-year old Doral Chenoweth who is a producer for the Columbus Dispatch. The video he made went viral overnight, propelling the homeless Ted Williams into stardom. Williams now has more job offers than he can handle, which is why he hired an agent.


  1. I am an absolutely amazed at the chain of events that has happened in the life of Ted Williams. I say God bless you man as one Brooklynite to another. I think this story has been such an encouragement to us all. We may not have been in the same extreme state as Ted but how many millions of us are stuck in the ruts of our lives knowing that this something better for us, something we wanted to do with our lives but never made any tangible steps in that direction. I believe we are all destined for success. Are we all going to get fame like Ted? Most likely not but we have things that we want to achieve whether great or small that we can move toward. God bless you Ted for encouraging us all with hope and possibility!

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