Psycho Girlfriend Call Me Maybe Parody

Psycho girlfriend Laina (she's earned that tag on our site) is back to express her love for you through music. This time Laina (also known as Overly Attached Girlfriend) is watching you through your Web cam when you don't know it and she knows who you are with, what you do when you sleep, and even … [Read more...]

Psycho Girlfriend Parodies Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend Song

Sometimes being in a relationship can be scary; especially if you have a psycho girlfriend (or boyfriend). The following video is a parody/spoof of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend song, but done from the eyes of a girl who not only talks like a stalker, but also has that crazed look that makes you fear … [Read more...]

Get All YouTube Videos on DVD!

(April 3, 2012) Yesterday we posted our favorite April Fools video which was the new Honda Anti-Theft Device. Today we want to share our second favorite which already has 2.5 million views. The video is called "The YouTube Collection" and it seeks to make you believe that you can purchase all … [Read more...]

Amazing Honda Anti-Theft System

(April 2, 2012) There were a lot of great April Fools videos yesterday, including many by Google. But we found one that we thought was the best of all of them - Honda's new anti-theft system. As you know, thieves love to steal Honda cars and Toyota cars. So Honda spent years developing TERii, their … [Read more...]

If Movies Were Real – Part 2 (Movie Spoofs)

(Movie Spoofs) This is another edition of "If Movies Were Real", which since being added a week ago already has nearly 3 million views. The first one has more than 10 million views. In this "If Movies Were Real" the ones that are spoofed are "Final Destiny", "Cowboys and Aliens", "Cloverfield", … [Read more...]

If Movies Were Real – Part 1 (spoof on movies)

(Movie Spoofs) If movies were real poses the question, "what if movies were real?" then plays out little skits of different movies to show how they would apply to today's society.  This first video was released in 2009 and has amassed more than 10 million YouTube views. For the first installment, … [Read more...]

Real Life Jason – Friday the 13th

(Scary & Funny Videos) Imagine that you are walking through a Home Depot or Lowes and as you round the corner, a man is approaching you with a hockey mask covering his face and a chainsaw in hand. Is it Jason from Friday the 13th? Nope. In this case it is Remi (click on the Tag Remi for more of … [Read more...]

Man Dives Into Aquarium Tank

(Strange and Funny Videos) We've categorized this video as both strange and funny.  In it, Remi (who makes a lot of these types of videos) puts on a diving outfit and goes to the local aquarium where he dives in the aquarium tank with all the sea creatures. This we found strange and not really … [Read more...]

Animals Steal Pizza From Pizza Delivery Man

(Wanted Videos) This poor delivery guy was called out to deliver pizza, but when he arrived on location, some animals stole his pizza. Luckily, it was all caught on tape. So if anyone has seen these creatures before or if you know what they are, please let us know. Our lead investigator (his … [Read more...]