Kimbra Gotye Music Video – Somebody that I used to Know

On April 14, 2012, Gotye appeared on Saturday night live and as a result, views of their music video on YouTube, "Somebody that I used to Know" went through the roof. The video features Gotye and musical artist/singer Kimbra and is rather unique. Since the video was posted on YouTube on July 5, … [Read more...]

Save the World Music Video – Swedish House Mafia

(Music Videos) When a movie trailer plays showing a bunch of crime happening, you usually see a superhero rise up and take out all the criminals. But in this music video, it's a little big different. It starts with several crimes taking place and everything looks bleak and hopeless. But there are … [Read more...]

Starry Eyed Music Video by Ellie Goulding

(Music Videos) On July 28, 2011, VEVO released the Starry Eyed music video by Ellie Goulding to YouTube. Two days later it already had more than 2 million views!  Goulding is a British singer and song writer who is starting to make a mark for herself on the global scale. She started singing … [Read more...]

One Man Epic Choir

This is a pretty impressive video, which is probably why it has more than 1.7 million views in less than a month. It is a video of one man doing a mass choir piece, cloning himself through the magic of editing. Editing a video/project like this takes a lot of time and it's nice to see how well it … [Read more...]

Maroon 5 – Misery Music Video

(Music Videos) Today we are bringing you one of the most popular current music videos on YouTube - the Maroon 5 Misery music video. Maroon 5 consists of band members Adam Levine (lead vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboard/guitar), Mickey Madden (bass guitar), James Valentine (lead guitar), and Matt … [Read more...]

Ne-Yo Champaign Life Music Video

(Music Videos) The most popular music video on YouTube this month is one by Ne-Yo. It is Ne-Yo's Champaign Life music video. Music companies are discovering a greater value in allowing their music videos to be posted to YouTube and embedded on other sites (like ours). It creates interest from … [Read more...]